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Searching for a height scholarship is an easy way to get free money to help pay for college expenses. Short people scholarships provide free money to qualified high school seniors who take the time to find and apply for these awards.

The average height for a male is 5'9" in the United States and 5'4" for a female. For students who fall under this height, there are easy scholarships available to provide free money to help pay for a college education. It is always great to further your education no matter what height.

The Little People of America Scholarship is one such award given to short people entering college. This organization was founded to give information and support to short people and their family. This height scholarship requires the applicant to be 4'10" or less in height to become a member and apply for the scholarship.

Most students who have a medical condition which resulted in dwarfism qualify for these short people scholarships. There are many medical problems that cause short statured people and the Little People of America offer a host of resources to help and support these individuals.

Short people scholarships typically range from $250 to $1000 but can exceed this amount. Applicants are chosen by a committe formed by the Little People of America organization. A qualified applicant is considered if they attend a school within the United States such as a vocational school, university, or college. Students must write a 500 word essay about their condition and submit three letters of reference.

The students who receive the scholarships for being short are chosen by criteria set forth by the organization. Students who are diagnosed with a medical condition which cause dwarfism and are members of the LPA are considered first for the awards. These qualified students are given preference for the scholarships over non-member applicants.

If these short people scholarships go unclaimed due to no qualified applicants, or no one applies, they may be awarded to other students with a disability or unusual need for financial assistance. Like the milk scholarships, these unusual scholarships are often not known and applied for by students who are good candidates to receive the free money to help pay for a college education.

Some helpful tips when applying for the Little People of America Scholarships

When filling out the application, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and send the complete scholarship application packet no later than the date listed on the application. They will not accept incomplete or late packets and they will be rejected with no exception.

Do not wait until the last minute to assemble your scholarship application packet. You will need to contact the people writing reference letters early.

Proofread your application. Misspelling and bad grammar reflects badly on you, and the scholarship committee will consider this when reviewing applications. Have a relative or friend double check your application for mistakes.

Send your application by registered mail and / or email the VP of programs on the day you mailed the application to prove you met the deadline.

If you do not receive a confirmation email that your application was received after one week of the deadline, contact the vice president of programs as soon as possible.

Make sure your address, phone number, and email address are up to date and can be accessed year round. If you do not respond to email or phone in a timely manner, your application may be rejected.

If you receive a short people scholarship, write a letter of thanks. A thank you letter goes a long way in impressing the scholarship committee if you are planning on applying for another scholarship in the future.

Download the scholarship application from Little People of America website at: http://www.lpaonline.org

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